Attempt #12

Every so often, I feel the need to start blogging to share the thoughts of my unhinged mind with the world. Every so often, I try to fulfill that need by actually starting a blog. And every so often, I forget about it and delete it.

As a journalism student, it is imperative that I have strong writing skills. Joining the yearbook staff next year will require me to write several stories that intrigue the reader as they will keep the stories in that book for a lifetime. I find that my writing is only mediocre, and I wish to change that. Perhaps through this blog.

I am unsure as to what this blog will become, but I am having one of those “every so oftens” again. This may blossom into something I use frequently, or it may go into the trash as my 11 other attempts did. Maybe it will be the ticket to my success in the future as a well-known magazine editor, or maybe it will be a simple way to keep track of my life throughout the coming years of high school.

Regardless of what happens, it will surely be a learning experience. Here’s to whatever becomes of this.


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